Open Arms link, is licensed by Michigan Department of Human Services Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing. As an In-Home Health Provider, we are also contracted with Department of Community Mental Health (Clinton, Eaton and Ingham) and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

We strive to deliver care that makes a lifetime of difference.

Specialized Residential Homes

Open Arms works closely with Department of Community Mental Health to ensure that our residences are tailored to fit the needs of each person who calls them home, that can be individuals who need support with certain daily activities to those coming out of hospitals who need time to recover. Family members and friends can rest assured that their loved ones are receiving compassionate residential care from our experienced support staff.

Specialized Services for Individuals who have Physical or Behavioral Challenges

Families want the best for their loved ones. They want to keep them close and be there for them when care is needed and help them live life to the fullest. But there are times when families may not have the means to provide for family members or friends with unique physical, medical or behavioral needs.

Active Community-based Care

Open Arms has a track record of offering positive, engaging experiences that set us apart from other residential programs. Our outings are not limited to local recreational areas, we take our clients out of town to places such as Detroit Zoo, Little Caesar Arena to watch NBA games, Michigan Adventures and other places clients chose to visit.

Fostering Independent Living & Skill Building

Living independently can be one of life’s greatest achievements. Open Arms strongly believes one little achievement can open a whole world of growth and excitement. Like many of us who do have our own networks of support so do individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities they may need a helping hand to reach their goals. Our caring staff is committed to helping each person live more independently.